5th "Working for Common Wealth" Conference:
LOCAL ACTION - GLOBAL CONTEXT: Networking for the New Millennium
SPES was honoured to have been invited by COMMACT to participate at the 5WCW - Conference on the theme "LOCAL ACTION - GLOBAL CONTEXT - Networking for the New Millennium" which was held in South Africa 19 - 23 April 1999 in the beautiful peaceful Stutterheim town.

There were over 120 participants mostly educators who engage in people centred development. Some participants made enriching presentation of their activities and Helena Langlois enjoyed sharing coloured overhead projections related to the SPES Mauritian Vocational/Crafts work. We hope by next month to have received authorisation to upload a spiritual song from one of famous Stutterheim dancing choir: EVERINCREASING FAITH

Permission has now been granted by the choir , internauts will be able to hear one of the spiritual songs on this site. Please note that QuickTime is required.

The song is about 3min55. Two options are available, both are 8-bit mono compressed:

Read on to learn more about this model town and to see the virtual presentation SPES has made to show off some of their African beadwork.
The Mayor of Stutterheim welcome message The Mayor and the other Conference Organisers were also participants as well as other village community members who kindly also provided abundant delicious local meals.

Excerpts from the welcome message to the COMMACT participants by the Mayor of Stutterheim his Worship Chris Magwangqana

Young student handing in her uniform dimensions to the electronic minded village seamstress. Small businesses are successfully run in this Eastern Cape village.

Above modern machine work below crafted traditional bead work.
We hope our Internauts friends have enjoyed our month of April Regional activity and count on your interaction to increase your contacts.

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