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Retrospective EDU Activities Highlights during 2010



Jointly with SOS Children's Village SPES monitored basic Multi-literacy e-classrooms for 4 small groups of children aged 6 - 14 with sponsorship of Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare




11 May: One of our mastercraftswomen holding a mulberry, a vitamin-rich fruit




17 June: The Annual Music Day for SPES Staff linked to our ICT round table




28-29 June: CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility Encounters organized by the NEF at the Swami Vivekananda International Conference Centre NGO SPES presentation proposal for 40 practical Vocational Projects for partnerships




10 June: Always ecological-minded SPES for Climate Warning reduction since the year 2008 adopt the slogan "Don't just plant one tree, plant three trees for for Fruit, for Shade and for beauty".

For growth comparison in June 2010 our SPES Director Ms Devi Veersamy, a well-known Horticulturist planted with our NGO's Mastercraftswomen another mulberry small cutting




30 October: Mahébourg Children’s participated at the SPES Cyber Café for Kids on theme: Sea Life and the 10 kids created collectively an eco-friendly amusing story inspired by the Plush Dodo pedagogical hand-puppet. Now available on the market. Water • Animal Stories, Healthy Cooking / Eating / Exercising • Pedagogical Games to improve learning




28 October: Lady Jugnauth presiding over Interactive Educational sessions technical exchanges for Educators & Nutritionists. Photos weighing on e-scale for health control, healthy cooking & kinesthetic & lettering system blended with multimedia programmes.


28 November & 3 December: SOS Children's Villages came to the SPES Xmas Festive Party for a morning Cyber café hand printing and microwave cooking for fun-learning



1st December: New Special luncheon and encounter with our SPES Village Masterweavers who demonstrated our handloom with CAD attachment who wove trials with the local national fibers Dr. V.Bissonauth from the MRC is experimenting with textiles with a Mauritian identity




14 December: Demos for Expert Pedagogical Tecchnical exchanges on new latest & tools suitable for Children & Adults with SEN - Special Education Needs, the Guest of Honour was the Honourable Mrs Leela Devi Dookun, Minister of Social Security, National Solidarity & Reform Institutions

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